– WHY –

At Soaring Investment Management, we are driven by a desire to make professional money management affordable and accessible to the individual investor.  We strive to deliver true asset management (versus asset gathering) in an approachable way, giving you confidence your money, your hardwork, your nest egg is being handled with care by an established professional. 

Why the name Soaring?

It has two meanings. First, I named the firm Soaring Investment Management as a tribute to my husband and my years as a military spouse in the Air Force. So many people I respect are lovers of the sky.

More relevant to investment management, soaring is a nod to tactical management. Both birds that soar and pilots in gliders survey the atmosphere to find the up drafts. Similarly, the markets are always changing with different sectors and political implications affecting returns. This is where a real human, like an experienced pilot, can make a positive impact on your portfolio – by determining where you want to be invested and when.